Packet Radio



I administer the NM5PB Node and BBS in the Albuquerque (Bernalillo County) area on 145.010MHz. I have line of sight access to SCREST and LAMOSC.

You can create a new private or bulletin message to anyone without having to worry about an individuals TNC mailbox filling up.

Example: SP NM5PB  Will only send a private message to me.

Example: SB ARES@LOCAL Would generate a bulletin message to identify a  topic specific to local ARES members, yet readable by all. You’ll find other bulletin messages addressed to other topics when listing messages.

The node also supports the MTHQSO:NM5PB-4 chat room server. This server will allow for 10 simultaneous connections to enjoy keyboard-to-keyboard chat functions over the packet network. Having tested capacity on this computer, we could easily bump this up to 20 or so but would prefer to split it up to between different chat nodes linked together.

In addition it helps to support the local needs of the Bernalillo County ARES group.

If there are any problems, questions or comments to report, please feel free to send me an email via Winlink at NM5PB.

Simple Terminal Download


I also host a PUBLIC RMS gateway located at my QTH in Albuquerque. This gateway provides VHF Packet connectivity. If the local Internet is down, messages will be stored on the NM5PB-1:ABQBBS and sent when an alternate network connection is available.

My QTH has redundant modes of Internet connectivity with the primary being Comcast/Xfinity, the secondary is Verizon 4G Hotspot, and the third is a Sprint Hotspot.