Upcoming Projects

Here is the wish list of projects for this year in no particular order. Yet.


  • Put together a mobile packet node/BBS/QSO for portable EmComm operations on a Pi4 with a KPC-3 and VHF/UHF radio. (READY FOR TESTING)


  • Expand solar backup at the QTH.
  • Expand solar backup in the mobile.
  • Continue build out of AREDN Mesh networking between home and mobile.


  • Test and more test of NVIS performance in the new terrain both mobile and fixed (anyone want some mini-Field Day weekends?).
  • Add VARA FM capabilities to the node at the QTH on a UHF frequency for additional capacity and testing – Will happen after retrieving remaining VHF/UHF gear from STL.
  • Order new go-box rack/case and mount equipment.