Setting up Outpost PMM for STLBBS


When you’re setting up Outpost PMM, make sure your screens match these. If you’re connecting thru MSTL, follow all of the steps.

The “TNC Name” option in Figure 1 will be whatever you setup as your TNC in the program. This is specific to the make/model of TNC or Soundcard device you’re using. Press the [Set/Get TNC] button and select the appropriate TNC you have previously configured. Do not press the [OK] button yet. Still have four tabs to go thru there left to right.


Figure 1


The fields in the next tab should be grayed out. There are no changes here that need to be made.


Figure 2


The fields on this tab are editable but there is no reason or need to change any of these for the purpose of connecting to STLBBS. Leave these as-is.


Figure 3


If you’re close enough to me in South County and can reach the BBS/Node directly, you can mark the option in Figure 4 “Direct to BBS” and press the [OK] button. At this point, you’re done setting up Outpost.

For those connecting thru MSTL, keep going.

After you’ve placed the radio button in the “KA-NODE/Netrom Access” positiong, click on the [New] button.

In Figure 4, you will not be able to enter in all of MSTL on the “Successful Connect Message” entry. It will stop at MST. Don’t worry, everything will work fine. Make sure there are no extra spaces in any of the fields.

Figure 4.0

Figure 4


At this point, you can just hit the [OK] button and you should return to Outpost’s main screen. Click on Send/Receive and verify everything works properly.